In over 10 years of working in the electrical installation and work process automation, our team of experts has gained the necessary expertise in:

    • assembly of industrial machinery and equipment
    • electrical installations in commercial buildings
    • assembly of electrical components
    • automation in robotic technology
    • automation of transport lines
    • automation of rack storage warehouses
    • electrical assembly in commercial and industrial buildings
    • installation of cable tray systems
    • installation of electric conductors
    • assembly of electrical enclosures
    • connecting enclosures
    • work monitoring, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance monitoring
    • various measurements on electrical and communication devices
    • project management
    • Every problems has several possible solutions – that is why we are here: to find the right one for you. Trust us and you will see that our services are always the right choice.

With creativity and expertise, we always find the best solution for you